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Please note: The contact information and ordering information for the Candy Leis and Flower Leis are different.

Ordering Candy Leis?

Contact info for the Candy Leis only:

Mailing Address: PO Box 1348, Orem, UT 84059
(Please note this is the contact info for only the Candy Leis)

When you place an order for the Candy Leis, you are indeed ordering them from us directly. We then make them and ship them from Orem, Utah.

Ordering Real Flower Leis?

Information for the Real Flower Leis (only)

When you order the real flower leis from this site, you are redirected to the Hawaii Flower Lei site, who we are an affiliate for. They will fulfill your order and ship those leis from Hawaii.

How to Order and Ordering Policy (for Candy Leis only)

  • All Candy Leis are made fresh for you when you order, to assure their freshness. Right now the turn around time to make and ship the leis is 2-3 business days plus shipping time (USPS Priority Mail). However, when ordering the candy leis, just to be on the safe side, try to allow yourself at least two weeks before you need it. It usually doesn’t take that long, but sometimes during graduation season there could be many orders in front of yours that have to all be made fresh by hand. It also allows time for USPS to get it to you.
  • We accept payments via PayPal. Don’t have a PayPal account? That’s OK…PayPal will let you pay with not only a PayPal account, but with a Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Just follow the steps it gives you when ordering.
  • Please note payment must be received before the leis are made or shipped.

Return, Refund and Shipping Policies (regarding Candy Leis only)

Due to the nature of the candy leis (being food) and abiding with Health Code Regulations,  all sales are final and we are unable to accept returns or refunds. But because we know things happen, keep reading…

Please verify the address you give us is the correct address and deliverable by  USPS (United States Postal Service) to your location.

  • Once the order is shipped, the postal service can not reroute it.
  • (Hint: if paying with a PayPal account, make sure your address is updated.  PayPal will often default to the address they have on file.
  • If the ship-to address is different, be sure to need to email us immediately where you want it sent (within 24hrs or sooner).

In the event, the address you give us is undeliverable and the order is returned to us by USPS, there are a couple options for you…

  • Option 1) We can refund your order through PayPal, minus the shipping and a 20% fee. (USPS will not refund the shipping)
  • Option 2) We can resend it to a different and deliverable address. However, in this particular situation, you would need to repay the shipping costs (as USPS won’t refund the original or pay for the new shipping). When considering this option, take into consideration the time it will take USPS to get it to you. For example, if you need it before graduation or the birthday party, which is only a few days away, we can not guarantee it will get to you in time.  If you do choose to have it reshipped, unfortunately we are unable to refund as well, even if it is after the event. The first option may be best for you.
  • This is why it’s worth it to you to make sure the address is correct and deliverable.

PayPal refunds – Once we initiate a PayPal refund, PayPal takes care of the rest. They generally refund you via the method you paid and can take from a few days up to a couple weeks. For example, if you paid via your Visa credit card, they will refund it to the Visa. If you paid using your PayPal account, they will refund it to your PayPal account. (It’s in PayPals hands as to how fast the refund comes through). (See Polices for specific details)

If there is a problem with the order when you receive it, please email us immediately of having received it (within 48 hours).

Care of the Candy Leis

Keep the Candy Leis out of extreme temperatures, especially heat. Avoid having the candy leis in cars or by windows where sunshine and heat are entering.  (Unless you like gooey melted candy)

Special care for Dubble Bubble Leis, Tootsie Roll Leis and Gummie Worm Leis…it is completely normal for those candies to eventually harden over time. Help prevent this by putting them in an air tight Ziploc type bag.  This will also help them taste and small fresh for longer.  I’ve also noticed that the more these candies are exposed to extreme heat and then cooled, the harder the candy gets, the quicker. (So don’t leave them in cars or by windows, etc.)

Special note about Jolly Rancher Leis. It is completely normal for Jolly Ranchers to warm up easily and stick to the wrappers. Since it’s easy for them to melt and ooze out of the wrapper a bit when too hot, be sure to keep them out of the car, by the windows, heaters or other warm places. If by chance that happens, it has been my experience that they are still fine to eat, they are simply harder to get off the wrapper and maybe a little stickier.